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          句型1:There+be +主語+地點狀語/ 時間狀語

          There’s a boat in the river. 河里有條船。


         句型2:What’s wrong with+sb. / sth. ?

          What’s wrong with your watch?你的手表有什么毛???


        句型3:How do you like...?

          How do you like China?你覺得中國怎么樣?


         句型4:What do you like about...?

          What do you like about China?你喜歡中國的什么?


         句型5:had better(not)+動詞原形

          You’d better ask that policeman over there. 你最好去問問那邊的那個警察。


         句型6:How+adj. / adv. +主語+謂語!What a/ an+adj. +n. +主語+謂語!

          How cold it is today !今天多冷??!What a fine picture it is!多美的一幅圖畫呀!


         句型7:Thank+sb. +for(doing)sth.

          Thank you for coming to see me. 感謝你來看我。


        句型8:So+be/ 情態動詞/ 助動詞+主語

          He is a student. So am I. 他是一個學生,我也是。


         句型9:... not ... until ...

          He didn’t have supper until his parents came back. 直到他的父母回來他才吃飯。



          The baby cried harder and harder. 那孩子哭得越來越厲害。


         句型11:the +比較級,the +比較級

          The more one has,the more one wants. 越有越貪。


         句型12:... as +adj./ adv.+as ...

          …not as(so) +adj. / adv. +as ...Do you think that art is as important as music?你認為藝術和音樂一樣重要嗎?Last Sunday the weather was not so wet as it is today. 上個星期天的天氣不如今天的天氣潮濕。


         句型13:more/ less +adj.+than...

          I think art is less important than music. 我認為藝術不如音樂重要。

          句型14:stop…from doing sth.

          The Great Green Wall will stop the wind from blowing the earth away. 綠色長城將阻擋風吹走土壤。


         句型15:both ... and ...

          Both you and I are students. 我和你都是學生。


         句型16:either ... or...

          Either you or he is wrong . 不是你錯就是他錯。


         句型17:neither ... nor ...

          Neither he nor I am a student. 我和他都不是學生。

          句型18:... as soon as ...


         As soon as I see him,I’ll give him the message. 我一見到他,我就把你的消息告訴他。

          句型19:... so+adj. / adv.+that ...

          I was so tired that I didn’t want to speak. 我累得連話也不想說了。



          Though I like writing to my pen-friend,it takes 東莞雅思培訓 a lot of time. 雖然我喜歡給筆友寫信,但它要耗費我大量時間。


         句型21:be going to

          This afternoon I’m going to buy a Qisu English book. 今天下午我要去買本奇速英語書。


         句型22:be different from

          I think this is different from Chinese names. 我認為這與漢語名字不同。



          Welcome back to school!歡迎回到學校!


         句型24:have fun doing

          We’re going to have fun learning and speaking English this term. 這學期我們將興味盎然地學習和講英語。


        句型25:... because ... / ...,so ...

          I 東莞雅思培訓 don’t know all your names because this is our first lesson. 因為這是我們的第一節課,所以我并不知道你們所有人的名字。


        句型26:Why don’t you ... / Why not ...

          Why don’t you come to school a little earlier?為什么不早點到校呢?


         句型27:make it

          Let’s make it half past nine. 讓我們定在九點半吧!


         句型28:have nothing to do

          They have nothing to do every day. 他們每天無所事事。


         句型29:be sure/ be sure of/ about sth. / be sure to do sb.

          I think so, but I’m not sure. 我想是這樣,但不敢確定。I was not sure of / about the way,so I asked someone. 我對于怎么走沒有把握,所以我問別人了。


        句型30:between ... and ...

          There is a shop between the hospital and the school. 在那家醫院和那所學校之間有一家商店。