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        In 東莞雅思培訓 most parts of the world, the volume of traffic is growing at an alarming rate. In the form of an assignment, discuss about the main traffic problems in your country, their causes and possible solutions.

        The progress of transport industry is inevitable and undeniable. What is under controversy is whether the volume of traffic is growing at an alarming rate. To be frank, I am in high favor that we are well aware of the traffic problem.

        In my point of view,

        a possible cause of the problem

        is that we lack the infrastructure construction. Also the overpopulation is the cause of this problem, especially in China. Although the growth of the transport is rapid, it still cannot meet the increasing needs of people.


        , people abuse the private cars to take public transport instead, which caused more cars put into use.


        , individuals are also responsible for this problem. People are lacking in consciousness and awareness for traffic situation in order. Sometimes, people drive after drinking, which causes more traffic accidents.

        The solution, I think, is for government to inject more funds into the construction of infrastructure, increase more construction, such as the restructuring of metro system, elevated ways, Pearl line, and superhighway. Also government should levy heavy tax on luxurious products, and encourage people to use bus service instead of private cars. To individuals, we may establish the family planning to control the growth of the population. Furthermore, we should publicize the importance of obeying the traffic regulations among people by education, and form the civil health lifestyle.

        To conclude

        , with the joint effort of people and governments, I am sure the traffic problems will be improved.


        2 教育

        Many people argue that in order to improve educational quality continuously, students are encouraged to make comments or even criticism on teachers. Others think the respect and discipline in the classroom will disappear. Which opinion do you prefer?

        There is dispute over whether or not students are encouraged to make comments or even criticism on teachers. Some people maintain that it is a good way to improve educational quality, whereas others are confident that if students do it, the respect and discipline in the classroom will disappear. Every man will hesitate but if asked to make a choice between the two. I would not hesitate to choose the former over the latter.

        There are some major causes for it. In the first instance, the improvement of students is the final goal of education. Only by giving comment on teachers’ performance can let teachers know the process of students’ development clearly.


        , the criticism is the stimulus to teachers’ self-perfection and improvement in educational quality.

        Last but not least

        , the criticism itself is a kind of feedback and communication between teachers and students, lack of which will affect the educational outcome afterwards.

        Although each coin has two sides, weighing the pros and cons of the argument,

        I’m inclined to

        agree with the former point of view although it has

        posed a tremendous challenge to

        teachers and thus the entire educational system.

        If the students have courage to make comments on their teachers, they will have more confidence to conquer the difficulties in the future. As a Chinese proverb says, “the waves behind drive on those behind, so the new excels the old.” Teachers will find their own disadvantage in the teaching to again and again.