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          1) a big time:尽兴,高兴的时刻

          e.g. I had a big time there.

          the big time:第一流,最高级

          e.g. Don’t worry, you are in the big time now.

          2) according to:按照,根据

          e.g. They were commended or criticized according to their work.

          according as:随……而定

          e.g. The thermometer rises or falls according as the air is hot or cold.

          3) admit to:承认

          e.g. I have to admit to a dislike for modern music.

          admit sb.(in) to:允许某人进入某地或加入某组织、行业

          e.g. They have admitted me into their club.

          4) all for:完全赞成

          e.g. I am all for holding a meeting to discuss it.

          for all:尽管

          e.g. They could not open the box for all their forces.

          5) all in all:总的说来

          e.g. All in all, it is a success.

          all in:疲倦,筋疲力尽

          e.g. He was all in, but he stuck it out.

          6) as it is (was):照目前的情况来看

          e.g. As it is, we shall be able to complete our task in time.

          as it were:可以说,姑且这样说

          e.g. He is, as it were, a walking dictionary.

          7) as much as:几乎,实际上

          e.g. By running away he as much as admitted that he had taken the money.

          as much…as:与……一样多

          e.g. It is as much our responsibility as yours.

          8) as well:也,还是……为好

          e.g. He gave me advice, and money as well.

          Since you have begun to do it, you may as well finish it.

          as well as:不仅……而且,除……之外

          e.g. With television, we see a picture as well as hearing sound.

          Small towns as well as big cities are being rapidly industrialized.

          9) at one time从前某个时期

          e.g. At one time, we met frequently.

          at a time:每次,一次

          e.g. You can borrow only two books at a time.

          10) attach to:属于,归因于

          e.g. No blame attaches to him.

          attach oneself to:参加,加入

          e.g. He attached himself to the group of climbers.

          11) be a credit to:为……增光

          e.g. I hope you will be a credit to your school.

          do credit to:为……增进荣誉

          e.g. This piece of work does credit to you.

          12) bear in mind:记住

          e.g. I hope you will bear in mind all I am saying.

          have in mind:考虑

          e.g. Don’t give your confidence to others regarding the plan you have in mind.